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Beaver dams help store spring snowmelt, releasing it slowly through the summer to keep streams flowing and meadows wet when wildlife and livestock need water most.

Local Partners Mimic Beavers To Restore Streams In Wyoming

SGI field conservationist Mandi Hirsch shares emerging “beaver dam analogue” technology with local partners, which is paying dividends for working lands and wildlife near Lander.

Beavers, Water, and Fire—A New Formula for Success

National Wildlife Federation Blog | Low-tech stream restoration works wonders for people and wildlife.

Nature’s Engineers: How Beavers Boost Streamflows and Restore Habitat

Almost like magic…How beavers boost streamflows and restore habitat with a little help from humans.

Bugle Magazine | Thinking Like a Beaver

Read about how volunteer-led, low-tech, process-based restoration of streams and meadows in the west is helping restore critical habitat for elk and other wildlife in this great story from Bugle, the magazine of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. Reposted with permission.

Beaver ponds provide a refuge for fish and wildlife in a burned landscape near Hailey, Idaho. Photo: Joe Wheaton

Beaver Breaks: How Beavers (and low-tech riparian restoration) Help Reduce Impacts From Fire

Beaver ponds produce great wet habitat which then provides a refuge for fish and wildlife in a burned landscape near […]

Research Sheds Light on Nocturnal Habits of Lesser Prairie-Chickens

NEWS: Until recently, scientists had very little data on the bird’s after-hours behavior and habitat preferences. Researchers from Oklahoma State University are filling int he blanks.