Who We Are

From sagebrush country to the forests of Appalachia, WLFW is leading cutting-edge research, putting boots on the ground, and proactively solving conservation challenges.

Nationally, Working Lands for Wildlife is supported by hundreds of hard working and dedicated team members. Primary leadership is provided at the national and regional levels. Additional leadership positions direct and support WLFW's technical expertise, co-produced science efforts, conservation outcomes monitoring and reporting, and communications. Read below to learn more and contact WLFW leadership.

NRCS-WLFW Leadership

Mark Defley
National Coordinator,
Working Lands for Wildlife
Tim Griffiths
Western Lead,
Working Lands for Wildlife
Bridgett Costanzo
Eastern Lead,
Working Lands for Wildlife

Other NRCS Leadership

Jeremy Maestas

Ecologist, National Sagebrush Ecosystem Specialist, USDA-NRCS West National Technology Support Center

Shane Green

Rangeland Specialist, National Grazing Lands Team, USDA-NRCS

Western WLFW Science Leads

David Naugle

Science Advisor, Sagebrush Biome, Wildlife Biology Professor, University of Montana

Dirac Twidwell

Science Advisor, Great Plains Grassland Biome, Professor, Rangeland Ecologist Large-Scale Rangeland Conservation Lab, University of Nebraska

NRCS Conservation Outcomes

Thad Heater

USDA-NRCS Outcomes Team

WLFW Communications

Julia Debes

Director of Agricultural Communications, WLFW