Science in Practice

WLFW translates research into useful resources for people working on the ground.

We provide guides, science summaries, how-to manuals and more for biologists, rangeland managers, restoration ecologists and others who carry out conservation. Our goal is to transfer the latest science and technology into easy-to-use information that readily supports the people taking action to keep landscapes healthy and intact.

Sagebrush and Great Plains Science in Practice

From Science to Solution and Conservation Effects Assessment Project reports to landowner guides, and partner publications, these resources provide scientists, researchers, practitioners, and landowners with useful science-backed information that informs conservation planning and implementation.

Other reports, scorecards and educational resources can be found in Resources.

Additional WLFW Tech Transfer Resources

Find more science-based resources from WLFW initiatives in the eastern United States, including landscape conservation training specific to WLFW and a decision and support research tool that condenses 40 years of forest management literature.